Monthly Archives: February 2015

USDA Approves GMO Apples

The USDA has approved two varieties of Artic Apples, trademarked by the Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. Due to genetic engineering, these apples do not turn brown when cut, as the gene responsible for the browning has been turned off.

I for one am very and truly disappointed for the introduction of the first GMO apples into the apple marketplace. Apples have been one trustworthy food for non-GMO consumers. Apples are highly nutritious and delicious. I do not know of any health hazard accompanying this new GMO product, but my question is, was this really necessary? Is there such an outcry for non-browning apples? Maybe there is, but I for one will not purchase these.

The varieties approved for sale in the US are Artic Golden Delicious and Artic Granny Smith. I doubt that they will be on the markets soon, as Okanagan will have to convince growers to grow their apples and it will take some time for those trees to bear salable fruit.

With more than 70% of our food supply coming from potential GMO sources, the rise of food allergies, digestive problems and autism, it seems to be the wrong path to go happily skipping down. Biotech foods might not be the source of these problems but one has to wonder why the explosion of these problems, can it truly be just processed sugars and salts. I have no idea, but I do know that it is getting harder and harder to put ‘natural’ foods in our diets and into our bodies.

Still Much Good

We are constantly bombarded by news from everywhere about every bad and evil thing that is being done. I am sure that if aliens are tuning into our news to see what life is like on earth, they would be convinced that we are one of the most vicious, violent and barbaric creatures in the universe. The news almost celebrates the gruesome because it generates the best ratings, following the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ mentality.

There are truly horrific acts performed every day. This, I do not deny. But of the billions of people that live on earth, the acts of these few in the big scheme of things is not a large percentage of the population.

Every day, people go about their routine lives, dealing with a traffic jam or two, or maybe a rude cashier, but generally not dealing with the incredible violence that the media would predict for us. There are some terrible atrocities going on in the world right now. There are brutal acts that must be stopped. I do not understand the lack of fervor to curtail these acts. How many thousands of innocent people must die before the world takes real action? I don’t know, but apparently more than the thousands that have already died.

Even so, there are many good people in the world. Some go through life quietly lending a hand here and there, smiling and welcoming. There are volunteers, charity workers, teachers, peace-keeping soldiers and other do-gooders working hard each day to make the world a better place. There are government and organization workers who try their best to care for those in need, supplying food, clothing, medicine and shelter. They find purpose and meaning in helping others, even if it’s just one person, or one family, or one small part of a community.

There is still much good in the world amongst the horror stories. There is good news out there, but one has to look for it. The media occasionally tells a story of bravery, of goodness, but not nearly as much as they should. They should emphasize that even though there is evil and cruelty in the world, there is still much good being done, even in the smallest of ways.

My thanks goes out to all of those that try to make the world a better place for all in a most respectful and humane way, regardless of their religion, faith or lack thereof. I thank those who fill each day trying to show the passion they have for the well-being of others. I thank you because you teach us quietly, that there is still much good.