Monthly Archives: April 2015


I have been very interested and fascinated by the convergence of end times signs. People have believed they were living in the end times for nearly 2000 years. Some signs are rather vague, like wars, famine, natural disasters and pestilence, which we have seen throughout history time and time again. These are still occurring and in greater frequency, or at least better reported. It is definitely worth noting the signs of the times, and the season of the end times.

But there are a lot of interesting events that occur this September. I am not predicting the end of the world, but the convergence of the signs are hard to ignore. Many end time prophesies did not even make sense a hundred years ago, but they seem easier to satisfy now, especially since Israel has restored.

September of 2015 will host the end of the shemita year ( the last year of a 7 year cycle in Jewish tradition). Shemita years are years of rest, blessings and the withdrawal of blessings. The last two shemita years saw the attack of 9/11/2001 and subsequent stock market drawdown, and the next shemita year, 2008, saw another stock market drop.

September of 2015 will also host the final blood moon of the current tetrad. The blood moons of this tetrad occur on Jewish holy days or feast days. It also hosts the start of a Jubilee year, which happens after the seventh shemita of the seventh shemita cycle, the year after 49 years. The last Jubilee saw the liberation of Jerusalem. This could be the 70th Jubilee but I have read different calculations and math that may or may not offer support for this.

A red heifer was discovered in the US, which seems to meet the very high standards required. It is only the 10th red heifer suitable for sacrificial cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem, if it were there and rebuilt. I think this will spur the efforts already underway to rebuild the temple. The Temple Mount Institute is already fashioning the furnishings and implements that would be used in a newly built temple.

We see frequent famine, earthquakes, epidemics, lawlessness, increased violence, and threats of wars; and now with the Islamic State on the march, a severe increase in the violence towards believers.

The Abrahamic religions (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) all have end times prophesies that intertwine with each other, with some similarities. Regardless, it makes the convergence a most interesting study, which scares some. There are so many different ideas, interpretations and expectations, but there is no doubt that a convergence is occurring, there are too many things happening to just be a coincidence.

Something big is coming in September 2015. I am not sure what it is. It might be a financial collapse, a natural disaster, news that effects the world, or something else. I would rather prepare and not need it than to need it and not be prepared. It certainly is something to think about. There are numerous proposed timelines concerning end times. I am sure each one is made by a sincere person but I prefer to study as many viewpoints as possible. Not matter the timeline, the decision in the end is still ours.

Take care and stay well.