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Faith does not make things easy

Faith does not make things easy. Faith makes thing possible! Continue reading


Still Much Good

We are constantly bombarded by news from everywhere about every bad and evil thing that is being done. I am sure that if aliens are tuning into our news to see what life is like on earth, they would be … Continue reading

The Certainty of Uncertainty

Knowing that we are in someone’s heart, their thoughts, and prayers can be comforting Continue reading

Eating Well – Low Carb and Without Grains

I am often asked, and sometimes volunteer, what I eat on my diet. Of course I eat a variety of things. At first, the thought of eating without grains is foreign to eating a Standard American Diet which stresses carbs … Continue reading

Choosing Joy and Contentment

Looking at the bright side of things, just like the spin doctors in the public relations arena, can help us choose joy. Continue reading

Does God Exist?

Almost every workday, there are two gentlemen where I work who discuss the existence of God. Some days are more passionate than others. They are constantly bringing up evidence or proof of their opposing beliefs. One believes that science proves … Continue reading

Exploring Belief

Encompassing All but Embracing None can be a difficult task. Continue reading

The Privilege of Voting

Regardless of whom you might vote for, I urge you to exercise your privilege to participate in this great experiment called democracy. Continue reading

Bewildered Directions

I was thinking about direction today. Each day, we have to choose where we will go and what we will do. We have to choose how we will react to the world around us. Continue reading

Leaving it up to God

God will open doors for me. I have to pay attention and not only look for those open doors but have the faith and courage to walk through them. Continue reading