Thanking God Everyday

What are you thankful for?

06/24/2011 – It has been a long, hard week. Problems took all week to resolve. I am thankful for the strength and patience God provided to me so that we could resolve the problems facing us at work.

06/19/2011 – I am thankful for the wonderful Father’s Day meal and the chance to spend time with my extended family.

06/17/2011 – I am thankful for the end of a productive week and looking forward to the weekend ahead. I thank God for the wonderful family who show me great love.

06/15/2011 – I am thankful for yet another chance to deliver information in new formats that help make the data more meaningful. I thank God for allowing me to use this blessing.

06/13/2011 – I am thankful for the chance to improve the recording methods at work.

06/12/2011 – I am thankful for a wonderful meal with new friends. What a great way to spend an afternoon.

06/10/2011 – Wow, a whole week has flown by. I am thankful for the patience and talent needed towards completing the dining room painting project.

06/05/2011 – Oh my gosh, I have been away from my computer, but thanking God everyday leading my family in prayers of gratitude every morning. Yesterday, I got soaked to the bone working an information table in the rain, but it paid off as we had a new visitor to the outdoor service today. I am also thankful for the wonderful day today spent with family as we celebrated two birthdays and the grand re-opening of Sonnenberg Gardens.

05/21/2011 – The Apocalypse didn’t come but I am not surprised. Thank you God for being true to Your word that no one shall know but the Father. I am concerned about the followers of the man who thought he knew more than Your Son.

05/20/2011 – I am thankful for the upcoming weekend. Although there are rumors of Judgment Day, I will trust that God will work in his own time.

05/18/2011 – I am thankful for all the help my son provides around the house and for God for giving me such a helpful son.

05/16/2011 – I am thankful for the time spent watching Dancing with the Stars with those I love.

05/15/2011 – I am thankful for the outdoor service in the morning, put please, God, enough rain already!

05/14/2011 – I am thankful for the opportunity to help my son build a weight bench so that he can continue his exercising.

05/13/2011 – I am thankful for the chance to spend the evening with wonderful attendees at You Rock Academy’s Friday Night Soiree.

05/10/2011 – I am thankful that Theresa had a chance to present her proposal to update the village of Holley website.

05/09/2011 – I am glad that I had an opportunity to wish so many wonderful women “Happy Mother’s Day!”

05/08/2011 – I am so, so thankful that God made moms. It is their love that demonstrates how much God really cares for us.

05/07/2011 – I don’t really like housecleaning, but thankful that I have a place to live, even if I do have to clean it.

05/06/2011 – I am thankful for another week completed. Looking forward to this Mother’s Day weekend.

05/05/2011 – I am thankful for the power of computers, they can be such a time saver at work.

05/04/2011 – I am thankful for the companionship of my pet.

05/03/2011 – I am thankful for the quiet time to meditate on the blessings that God has given me.

05/02/2011 – I am thankful to God for the subtle reminders that I must balance my personal and secular lives and realize the importance of each.

05/01/2011 – Thank you, God, for allowing me to rest in your strength and love.

04/30/2011 – I am thankful for good neighbors. Today, a neighbor brightened my day by accepting not one but two hugs. It was a blessing to see and speak with her again.

04/29/2011 – I am thankful for the understanding ear of my doctor. I discontinued use of a prescribed medicine because of a slow but lasting side effect. My doctor understood the basis of my decision and will help me find alternatives.

04/28/2011 – I am thankful for the time spent watching a movie with my son.

04/26/2011 – I am thankful for the talents of my employees.

04/25/2011 – I am thankful for the text message I received from a very dear friend who I haven’t seen in almost a year.

04/24/2011 – I am thankful for the outdoor service at Claredon Falls, the meal with family, and the hope that we are given by Jesus’ resurrection.

04/22/2011 – I am thankful, on this Good Friday, for the gift that Jesus bestowed upon all of us, the payment of our sins.

04/21/2011 – I am thankful for the talent that God gave to others to solve network problems at work. It was a long, tough day.

04/19/2011 – I am thankful for a quiet night at home with my loved ones.

04/18/2011 – I am thankful for the provision that God gives to me so that I can provide for my family. On this tax day, I pray that our government spends its money more wisely.

04/10/2011 – I am thankful for time to rest.

04/09/2011 – Today was a warm and wonderful day. I took a walk from our canal park to the water falls. I am thankful for the beauty of God’s creation that surrounded me.

04/08/2011 – I am thankful for an evening out with my family.

04/03/2011 – I am thankful that I had a chance to spend some bonding time with my son today as Theresa supports a friend in need.

04/01/2011 – I am thankful for the wonderful meal at the Chinese buffet with my loved ones.

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  2. Great idea, I’m thankful for my Son and his Mother

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