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Moving, Moving, Moving

   In the last week, I moved three times. I moved my old girlfriend’s things an hour east of where I lived. I moved my things an hour west of where I lived. And then, I moved my son 25 minutes north of where he lived. Whew, I am exhausted.

   Moving, even if it is to have a new adventure and a better life, is still stressful. If you are moving into a home already inhabited, I think it is more difficult for the current resident. You are disrupting their routine. They were comfortable. Everything was settled for them. Whether you mean it or not, you are an intruder, even a welcomed one. The transition will cause lots of inconveniences, anxiousness, hope and joys. I am looking forward to this new adventure, a return to family. This is a time to establish new routines, new traditions, and the testing of the proverbial waters of what is acceptable, allowable and preferable. The person moving in doesn’t have it easy, but their routine is basically completely gone, so there is an expectation of learning new things.

   Idiosyncrasy is defined as an individualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group. So, one must learn to accept, appreciate and even tolerate idiosyncrasies in others and others have to learn to do the same with yours. I am also a little anxious the new idiosyncrasies this new adventure will bring out in the parties involved.  No one really knows someone else until they live with them. This transition is the toughest of all in my opinion. Even with children, what seems normal to you, because you are accustomed to it, can really puzzle an outsider looking in.  But,what if that outsider is moving in?

    I am most anxious about learning this new area. Where are the stores? Where are the hospitals? Where are the restaurants? Where is anything at all? There are new traffic patterns to learn. Where does this go? How did I end up here?

   I am hoping to return to updating this blog every 7 to 10 days. Thank you all for your patience.


It’s a Mom’s Life

Women are incredible creatures. The whole of mankind, with the exception of Adam, has come through woman. She stands at the gate of our future, the continuation of our species, the carrier of life. I don’t think there is any nobler profession for a woman than to be a Mom. Men and women are different, well of course they are, and I don’t mean just plumbing either. The driving hormones that direct each gender complements the other (I saw you shake your head.) No, really. I mean really really. Women protect and nurture, while men push and take risks. It is this balance that is needed for the development of every child. It is a balance that allows a child to press forward and yet be mindful not to hurl themselves from a cliff.

Please don’t think I am disparaging career women who contribute professionally to the world. Women are incredibly talented and their contributions to mankind have been astounding. But their contribution to the future of mankind is equally serious. Like a father, anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a Mom. It is tough, hard work, that often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Being a wife is tough too. I would implore everyone out there to think about all the things your significant other does for you. Realize that each and every little task done for you is a way to say “I love you.” Think of it this way, and then make sure you say and do things for them as a way to say “I love you, I love you too, and thank you for being in my life.”

I have asked my girlfriend not to try to replace my son’s mother, for she never could. But I did ask her to be a Mom to him. I want to be a Dad to her children as well. Being a Mom means being there for a child, protecting them and loving them. Let them know that there is safety in their embrace. I think it is wonderful if children have one or more Mom-like relationships. Being a Mom or Dad is a relationship. God bless mother’s, they put up with a lot. If your a man, praise and encourage the Moms that are around you. If you are a woman, praise and cheer on the Dads that are around you. The world will be better for it.

Here is a video that was done for the Moms, by the same organization that did Dad’s Life. Hope you enjoy it. It is often hard to be a Mom or a Dad, even heartbreaking, but it IS worth it. THEY are worth it and so are YOU. God doesn’t make junk!!!


It’s A Dad’s Life

My niece sent me this video link. I think it is great. Thank you so much, Angela.

 Now, my opinion has always been that any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad. Any man can be a Dad, whether he has had children or not. Being a Dad isn’t hereditary, it is a relationship, one of love and acceptance. It is a relationship where the child feels safe.  To me, being a Dad means protecting, loving, accepting, caring for and providing emotional support to a child. A Dad is not a sperm donor, that is a father, a Dad is so much more. If you are a father, I hope that you are a Dad too, your children will appreciate that more than you will ever know. There is so much magic and love in a hug accompanied by the words, “I love you, Daddy.”

Anyway, here is the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A one, and a two, and…….