TG365 2011Qtr1

Thanking God Everyday

What are you thankful for?

03/31/2011 – Thank you God for allowing me to see the beautiful talents and gifts that you have so generously bestowed on each and every one of us.

03/30/2011 – I am thankful for the wonderful talent I saw tonight on American Idol. There is so much talent in the world. God has been very generous.

03/29/2011 – I am thankful to God for the company of pets, who communicate to us in very special ways and teach us unconditional love.

03/28/2011 – I am thankful to God for allowing me to work and provide for my family.

03/27/2011 – Reflecting on yesterday, I am thankful for the talent that God has given to Sarah, Theresa’s daughter, who played the bass clarinet in the pit orchestra at the play.

03/26/2011 – I am thankful for all the wonderful talent and singing that I experienced at the Honeoye Falls Lima High School musical, Oklahoma. It was a fun night.

03/25/2011 – I am thankful for the weekend ahead.

03/24/2011 – I am thankful for the technology that allows me to connect with my loved ones. We were meant to be communicate with others.

03/23/2011 – I am thankful for the hot meal and warm family that awaits me at the end of my work day. Thank you God for such a terrific blessing.

03/22/2011 – I am thankful that Spring is coming, I am really tired of all this snow and cold weather.

03/21/2011 – I am thankful for a quiet evening to write my thoughts about the Fukushima 50.

03/20/2011 – I am thankful for a day to rest.

03/19/2011 – I am thankful for the opportunity to help a loved one move into their new home.

03/18/2011 – I am thankful to spend a evening with my girlfriend as we shared a movie and commentary at You Rock Academy.

03/17/2011 – I am sooo thankful for the Fukushima 50, heroes that are working to prevent a nuclear meltdown to save their families, Japan and the world. Some have already died. We don’t even know their names, but they deserve our respect and gratitude. Thank you God for giving us those who risk their lives for us.

03/16/2011 – I am thankful that I finally got my car back from the repair shop after in and out for a couple weeks.

03/15/2011 – I am thankful that the victims of the tsunami kept their heads. I did not hear any report of looting, price gouging or roving gangs. Things seem more orderly than the disaster that was Katrina.

03/14/2011 – I am thankful for the attitude of the Japanese. Their attitude seems to shout that they will rebuild and it will be better than before.

03/13/2011 – No matter how sophisticated we become or how clever we think we are, we are humbled by nature and its incredible power. I am thankful that God is even more powerful than that.

03/12/2011 – Even during the worst of natural disasters, I am thankful for the hearts of those who strive to bring relief to those in need. It is God’s love showing through and the human spirit that rises from the soul.

03/11/2011 – I am thankful for the lesson not to confuse “stuff” with success.

03/10/2011 – I am thankful that if I look around that I have what I need and much of what I want. God shows me to think about what I have and not concentrate of what I “think” I lack.

03/09/2011 – I am thankful that God loves me and accepts me in my imperfection.

03/08/2011 – I am thankful that even though I may not win at every challenge, it is the overall experience that is a blessing.

03/07/2011 – I am thankful for yet another wonderful evening with family.

03/06/2011 – I am thankful for a wonderful day spent with family.

03/04/2011 – I visited the Butterfly Room at the National Museum of Play. Not only were the butterflies beautiful, but the tropical plants were gorgeous. I thank God for the splendor and beauty that he has provided to us all.

03/02/2011 – I am thankful that Theresa helped me get my car to the dealership. It will be an expensive repair.

03/01/2011 – I am thankful that my boss is understanding and allowing me to take time to get my car repaired since the first mechanic decided that he could not complete the job.

02/28/2011 – I am thankful for Theresa’s willingness to take my car to the garage while I use her’s to get to work in the city.

02/25/2011 – I am thankful that week is ending and looking forward to resting his weekend with family.

02/22/2011 – I am thankful that I am continually challenged to hone my spreadsheet skills.

02/20/2011 – I am thankful for finding Laura’s grave today so that I could place roses there. I am also thankful for sharing a meal with my son and his wife.

02/19/2011 – I am thankful that Theresa “finally” found the butterfly necklace that I hid a week ago. She has been a blessing to me. Thank you God for giving me such a blessing.

02/16/2011 – I am thankful for the chance to spend an evening with my family.

02/15/2011 – I am thankful for answered prayer. I was trying to figure out how to find an unmarked grave of my Butterfly (Laura Santelli). Her cousin and I connected and she told me how to find it. Thank you Raphaela and thanks to God.

02/14/2011 – I am thankful for this day of affection. I am very blessed. I love my life and enjoy its goodness, and I also remember the ones that I have lost. Valentine’s Day is a bittersweet day for me.

02/13/2011 – I am thankful for my personal relationship with God. My interactions with Him are not rote. He is my Lord, my Father, my friend, my pillar of strength and my reason for being.

02/11/2011 – I am thankful that it is Friday. After visiting the hospital very late at night, I need to catch up on some sleep this weekend.

02/10/2011 – I am thankful that some have a medical calling. My girlfriend’s father was taken to the hospital.

02/09/2011 – I am thankful for the opportunity to work with very talented people. Some I have never met, only talked with over the phone.

02/08/2011 – I am thankful that I am able to work and earn enough to provide for my family. I may not have all that I want but by God’s grace, I have all that I need.

02/07/2011 – I am thankful that God reminds me through interactions with others that there are often different ways to approach challenges. Thinking outside the box can lead to interesting results.

02/06/2011 – I am thankful for the wonderful scenery and music in a movie well done.

02/05/2011 – I thank God for the wisdom that all in this life is temporary and that I must seek the blessings afforded to me because His strength and His love are permanent.

02/04/2011 – I am thankful that God has given me the chance to rest this weekend after a very long work week.

02/01/2011 – I am thankful for the science that warns me of approaching bad weather. I am thankful for God when I experience storms in my life.

01/27/2011 – I am thankful for the wonderful God-given talent that I saw and heard on television tonight.

01/26/2011 – I am thankful for all the wonderful resources provided to allow me to be closer to God.

01/20/2011 – I am thankful for the awe and wonder that God allows me to see every day. I am amazed at the creations of God and the ingenuity of humankind.

01/19/2011 – I know that I have an eternal soul but I am thankful for the wisdom that the loss of earthly lives teaches me to value life as a precious gift and to appreciate and love those still in my life.

01/18/2011 – I am thankful for the pleasures of simple foods and quiet times.

01/17/2011 – I am thankful for the assistance given to me by my son today to complete some household chores.

01/16/2011 – I am thankful that God has given me the eyes to see humor in the world and the ability to laugh at myself.

01/14/2011 – I am thankful for three day weekends.

01/12/2011 – I am thankful for the comedic video that I enjoy on youtube. Merriment of the heart is like medicine.

01/11/2011 – I am thankful for the quiet of the evening and the calm of the night.

01/10/2011 – I am thankful for the connection that our technology allow us to have with those that are not nearby.

01/09/2011 – I am thankful that Theresa has the opportunity to share and fellowship at her regular woman’s devotional. It is a chance for her to support other women and be supported by them.

01/08/2011 – I am thankful for my thirst for knowledge and wisdom, and the wonderful writings that exist to that end.

01/06/2011 – I am thankful for the love of my family while I am sick with the flu. Love is a healing spirit.

01/02/2011 – I am thankful for the chance to look upon the new year as one with potential and opportunity. 2010 was filled with many challenges, both personal and secular. God saw me through to this point and with Him, I can forever look forward.

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