Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Magic Isn’t Gone

I watched a movie last night called the Secret of the Wings. I wish I could have watched it with all the ones I love. Not because the movie was so wonderful, it was a good movie, but because it had magic. I am not talking about the kind of magic that witches have or the magicians want to trick us with, but the magic of the imagination.

Some would relegate this kind of movie to children. I believe that we should be reminded daily that the awe and wonder that we had as children is just as important and wonderful today as adults. We seem to be so busy and preoccupied that we miss out on the magic that happens all around us.

If we have young children or grandchildren or otherwise interact with small children, you will see that spark in their eyes as they explore the wonder around them. Think about the magic of the machine that dispenses frozen custard or the other machine that dispenses cash. As an adult you know that there is no magic but to a child, it is almost miraculous. And it is miraculous, these everyday occurrences started out as an idea in someone’s imagination. Through talent and perseverance, these things came into being. I think that is magic.

Every snowflake that falls is magic; the flowers that burst from the ground in spring fill the air and our views with magical splendor. The birds exercise their magic of flight and the children chasing butterflies exercising the magic of creation and beauty.

My children are grown. I may have grandchildren one day and if I do, I will enthusiastically explore all the wonder and magic with them. So many people complain about how the media is so wicked that all TV and movies should be done away with. Yet, I feel that there is some  good there. There are stories of love, family, courage and determination in all different forms if we care to look for them.

I enjoy “children’s” movies and programming. It reminds me to be childlike in my wonder and awe of everything around me. It reminds me to look for beauty and miracle. Yes, life is hard, it can be miserable. But life can also be filled with beauty, wonder and magic. So don’t be afraid to watch a “children’s” movie, even if you don’t have children or youngsters around. Have the attitude of looking for the magic that you once had or may still have from your childhood.

A life without magic, wonder and awe can be very dark indeed. To block out magic is to stifle the spirit. It has been said through the ages and in many ways to stop and smell the flowers. There is much for our senses to observe. Look for the magic there because the magic isn’t gone, just not always believed or remembered.

Help Wanted

I have seeing more and more of these wonderful words posted in windows in stores, restaurants and shops. I am sure these are not six figure jobs, but they are jobs. They may even be part-time, but they represent opportunities for those wanting to work.

I believe that the unemployment picture for the US, as well as the world, is going to grow slow over the next year or years. We are a nation of entrepreneurs. We are also a nation of consumers. Even when we try to consume less, we still consume more than most. Even so, it is good to see signs of employment recovery.

My son is looking for work, as his seasonal position just ended. Although, his employment was temporary, it provided him with a good experience and some pocket money. I am very hopeful that he will find something very soon. I have been looking through the want ads with him. There are entry-level jobs and highly technical jobs but not much in between.

If you are looking for work, then I hope that you find something that ignites your passion, or at least pays the bills. Be on the lookout for those signs with those two little words: Help Wanted.